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Waynaut is a B2B Multimodal Travel platform that enables people worldwide to travel seamlessly, by combining every means of transport. Waynaut designs innovative technologies for GDS/OTA/Meta/Accomodation Booking to trade-off flights, trains, buses, ferries, transfers and carpooling into optimal and purchasable itineraries. Waynaut empowers travellers to compare and purchase the smartest, fastest and cheapest routes to their final destinations. Wayfinder®, our RESTful JSON API, is easily integrated into customer platforms. Alternatively, Waypack®, a white label product, allows our customers to brand the front-end application. Waypack® has a responsive layout and is mobile ready.

  • Updated transprottype parameter structure

    published a year ago

    The transporttype let you define which means of transport you want to see in the solutions of a POST /travel request. It is the array of desired transport types; in the current implementation you should pass comma separated values, e.g.: transporttype=BUS,TRAIN,.. Possible values are: FLIGHT, TRAIN, BUS, CARPOOLING, FERRY

    The logic in the previous implementation was different, so you should update your requests accordingly.

    Keep rocking multimodal!

  • Wayfinder 2017 updates

    published 2 years ago

    Dear All,

    we have a couple of updates about the wayfinder API: -when retrieving a travel/{id} solution the TRANSFER type is no longer available as it is completely replaced and improved with the AGONY type -in the "TEST" environment cross-country trains are available for the initial regions of Italy-Germany and Germany-France

    For any questions please contact us! Wayfinder Team

  • Wayfinder Return Trip!

    published 2 years ago

    Return trip is now a feature available also in production (it was before only in test and staging areas). The POST and poll procedure is the same, if you add "returndate" to the request parameters the solutions will have return trips, if you don't add returndate then one-way solutions are provided.

    Let us know your advancements with Waynaut API!

  • Wayfinder 1.7 API Released!

    published 2 years ago

    Fastest wayfinder version ever, with refined boat coverage and new flight providers. Check it out also live on our customer portal: http://www.viando.it built all on our API system.

  • Wayfinder 1.5 API Released!

    published 2 years ago

    The new features include:

    Increased geographic coverage UK, France, Germany and Italy Long distance buses across Western Europe Ferry integration for Mediterranean/Adriatic

  • Extended FREE version!

    published 3 years ago

    We are pleased to announce that our endpoints for finding the best travel solutions are now completely free of charge! You can try them right away via Mashape, no need for other registrations.

    You can see an example of what we have built with our APIs here: http://www.waynaut.com/white-label An implementation on a large Italian OTA: http://www.volagratis.com/promo/Waynaut/Waynaut.html

    For any question feel free to contact us at info@waynaut.com

  • New Version Deployed

    published 4 years ago

    We have deployed a new versione featuring: -minor bug fixing for timetable data -corrected duration which now computes the exact time comprehensive of waiting time

    To check out our new APIs, please contact us at info@waynaut.com to get FREE developer credentials!

  • Enhanced Coverage, preparing for EXPO 2015

    published 4 years ago

    We have just released in our sandbox environment additional transport data for all over Italy and Switzerland.

  • SSL support online!

    published 4 years ago

    We have protected all our calls and we are ready to rock:)