Private API

uNoGS (unofficial Netflix online Global Search) allows anyone to easily search the global Netflix catalog.

  • Added the ability to update uNoGS IMDB information

    published 3 months ago

    All, most popular titles get updated regularly by our main website but if you want to get the latest IMDB update for a particular title please use the new endpoint in the Title Details section.

  • Description of nfinfo (updated)

    published 6 months ago

    "nfinfo": [ "/images/imdb/tt0323531.jpg", #Larger image "Out for a Kill", #Title Name "In China, Robert Burns digs up a treasure trove of artifacts and discovers they're the kind the Chinese mafia use to spirit drugs out of the country.", #Synopsis "", #Maturity Level "General Audiences", #Maturity Label "3.2870402",# Average netflix score "movie", #Type Move/Series "2016-07-26 10:30:17", #Last checked "2016-02-05 19:35:52", #New to Netflix "2003", #Movie Year "60029591", #Movie ID "1h30m", #Runtime "", #More Art "1",#whether a title is downloadable or not... 1 is yes 0 is no ]

  • Added the ability to download images for each Netflix Title

    published 8 months ago

    Title Information->GET Images will allow you to enter any Netflix ID and pull back all associated images for that title.

  • Added the ability to find 'Weekly' added episodes and get information on them

    published 10 months ago

    Title Information->Weekly Episodes

    This is simply a list of all Netflix Series which have weekly added episodes

    Tilte Information->Load Episode Details

    The last item in the episode detail array is either 'true' or 'false { "RESULTS": [ { "seasid": "80021755", "seasnum": "1", "episodes": [ { "episode": [ "80021956", "1", "1", "Uno", "", "Struggling lawyer Jimmy McGill tries to leave his seedy past behind him, but old habits die hard when a big opportunity presents itself.", "true" <-- Will be true or false depending on availability of episode ] },

  • Added date field to new and expiring titles

    published a year ago

    As one of the users pointed out, there was no actual date field on new and expiring titles.. This has now been added, see the definitions below: [
    "70275600", #netflix id "Blue Is the Warmest Color", #title "", #small image "Determined to fall in love, 15-year-old Adele is focused on boys. But it's a blue-haired girl she meets on the street who really piques her interest.<br><b>Expires on 2016-02-25 </b>", ##synopsis "70275600", #id again.. legacy changes :( "3.7070477", #rating "movie", #type "2013", #year "2h59m", #runtime "", # large image "2016-02-25 " #new or expiring date ]

  • Small Outage today for the API

    published a year ago

    All, our server crashed around noon GMT, this was resolved in about 15 minutes and everything is operating as expected now.

    Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

  • Updated the Country List call to remove superfluous information and add price details

    published a year ago

    New Format of each country [ "273", #uNoGS country ID "af", #2 Letter country ID "Afghanistan ", #Country Name "10", #new last 7 days "50", #new last 30 days "0", #expiring "758", #total videos "218", #total series "540", #total movies "USD", #currency "7.99", #basic plan "9.99", #standard plan "11.99" #premium plan ]

  • Added IMDB votes as another filter on the Advanced query

    published a year ago

    You can now specify greater than or less than some number of IMDB votes on the advanced query. format: gt|lt[number] e.g. gt1000 will filter only title with greater than 1000 IMDB votes

  • We have made upgrades to speed things up

    published a year ago

    All, things should be back to normal from a performance standpoint.
    Please let us know if you see any issues.

  • Slow Response Times

    published a year ago

    Apologies if anyone is experiencing slow response times...

    The tech news cycle has picked up uNoGS and we are getting an unusual amount of traffic at the moment.

  • Collapsed What's New into Advanced Search

    published a year ago

    All, As they were exactly the same calls only the query was adapted for What's New I have now consolidated the What's New call into the Advanced Search call.
    Please just use get:new[days back] e.g. get:new7 (to view 7 days back) as your query string for what's new globally. Keep in mind... This does not change the 'What's New' per country call, this only affects the advanced filters for whats new globally!

  • Added Higher Resolution horizontal images to results JSON

    published a year ago

    All, I have finished some work scanning Netflix for higher resolution horizontal images and have added these (where applicable) to the end of the ITEMS array in the results JSON. e.g. [ "70184148", "The Good Doctor", "", "After a young doctor falls into an illicit romance with his teenage patient, a colleague learns of the forbidden relationship and blackmails him.<br><b>Expires on 2016-01-17 </b>", "70184148", "2.923392", "movie", "2011", "1h33m", "" ],

    where is the higher resolution image.

    As Netflix is very hit and miss with these expect them to be a variety of different resolutions.