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  • Update on the Downtime of 2016-11-11

    published a year ago

    The last downtime was an outage of a service provider which caused an ill configured health check to bring down the complete API.

    Today we had a similar event: The same service provider is down since 7:10 UTC. This time the health check was configured correctly and nothing happened. The API is still operational, and uses another service provider. As API consumer you don't notice the still ongoing downtime of this service provider. This confirms, that the issue from 2016-11-11 was addressed correctly.

  • Downtime on 2016-11-11

    published a year ago

    I'm so Sorry that we had two downtimes of the service at November 11th 2016: 5:40 AM - 5:52 AM and 6:16 AM - 6:20 AM. Times are in UTC.

    The reason for this was a new service provider for an underlying system to decrease the error rate. As there was no knowledge of the quality of this new service, I added it to the health check. In case of failure instances would be replaced without the new service provider. This happened today and unfortunately all instances were removed at once. Recovery in this scenario did obviously take 12 minutes. I didn't expect that.

    I changed the health check completely, so that it will not fail if one service provider is down. Also the service will handle temporary outages of underlying services gracefully at application level. I tested the scenario with a new version and deployed that today.

  • check/ endpoint handles now IDN correctly

    published a year ago

    I noticed queries of IDNs against the check/ endpoint (like ö Unfortunately I didn't pay much attention how the API should behave with this kind of queries. Therefore the endpoint did forward the domain name in the internationalized form to the underlying whois server. This works fine for some whois server (like, but unfortunately not for all of them.

    With this update the endpoint now transforms IDNs transparently into its ASCII representation (ACE) and performs then the query with the correct parameter against the underlying whois server (e.g. -T dn,ace in case of ö For you as API consumer, nothing changes. This happes all internally. You will now see that IDN queries against the check/ endpoint will now deliver better results.

  • API again accessible through Mashape

    published 2 years ago

    According to Mashape there was a DDOS going on. Unfortunately they don't reveil any substantial information. You can now use the Whois API again through the usual Mashape endpoint. I'll shutdown the temporary public endpoint in three days. Due to the very disappointing communication I'm going to evaluate alternatives to Mashape.

  • Temporary public API endpoint

    published 2 years ago

    So switching to an API into another region didn't help to get this Mashape Gateway up again. It's my first month here, so I don't know if this is just bad luck, or just a bad service. I'll consider moving to 3scale, or setting up an own Gateway infrastructure. But for now guys, here's a temporary public Whois API endpoint:


    I'll leave that instance running until Mashape resolved their issues. When that happens I'll announce the shutdown. After that anouncement I'll keep that instance running for further 3 days. Consuming this temporary instance is of course completely free.

  • Still down

    published 2 years ago

    Guys, I'm so Sorry, but Mashape still doesn't serve the Whois API. Comunication is rare, so I can't predict when the issue will be resolve. Mashape is indicating that it is an US-East only issue. So I'm going to setup a further API in another region. If Mashape will serve that, you can start consuming the API without any change. If this still doesn't help, I'm going to open the endpoint temporarily until Mashape resolved its issues. I'll keep you updated. And again, I'm so Sorry for these inconveniences.

  • Current downtime

    published 2 years ago

    The API currently returns for all endpoints a 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable. It appears that this issue comes from the Mashape API gateway, as I can consume the API without the gateway. I contacted Mashape's support. Let's hope it will be resolved soon.

  • Current downtimes

    published 2 years ago

    I'm so Sorry if you experience any downtime.

    Amazon is our current infrastructure provider. Every few days for a duration of about 10 minutes their loadbalancer stops serving our API instances. As these events are frequent and no solution was provided, I will handle this by moving to another infrastructure provider. This migration will happen transparently for you. Clients can continue using the endpoints.

    Thank you for your understanding.