Natural Language Processing

Private API

Extract and analyse articles from: links, RSS feeds or text. Partial to full-text RSS, article classification, summaries, author, content wrapper extraction, keywords, entities and more. This API intends to extract relevant features from articles so you can enhance your applications. Particularly, the features that we extract from articles are: title, author, published date (only RSS), category/ies of the articles, keywords and bigrams, entities, main content (HTML wrapper and cleaned text), main image, summary (4-5 most relevant sentences) and language detection (97 languages). Research paper: Code:

  • Maintenance Scheduled on the 24th of March at 9AM GMT

    published 2 years ago

    Good morning all,

    There is a maintenance task scheduled on the 24th of March (this Saturday) at 9 AM GMT so the API will be down for a couple of hours. This update aims to improve the reliability of the API and reduce downtime.

    Thank you and have a nice day, Joan