Box Office Buz

Private API

An official API for The API allows you to search for and retrieve information for Movies, TV Shows, and Games. It also allows you to retrieve images, and videos for those Movies, TV Shows, and Games.

  • Feature Requests

    published 7 months ago

    I have started work on v2 of the API. There are a lot of things I wanted to add in v1 but as I was trying to get it stable and released it didn't get rolled into the first version. I am currently open to feature requests as it is the beginning stages of coding the new version so it should be fairly easy to roll in any requests that people want.

    You can request features 1 of 2 ways.

    1) Add them to the Box Office Buz feature topic in the newly created forum located here. 2) Open up a support ticket and add (Feature Request) to it.

    Look forward to seeing what requests you all want to be rolled into the next version of the API.

    p.s) v2 will have "people" and "people search". Like with movies and tv shows, you will be able to grab them by either using the Box Office Buz ID, or the IMDB ID.

  • New Server + Load Balancing

    published a year ago

    We are still stabalizing our servers, but we have decided to move away from our current setup, and now are using Haproxy for load balancing. You should see a significant increase in the speed of the API now.

  • PM2 w Node.js

    published a year ago

    Our API should be a lot more stable. We where seeing issues using forever to keep our API up and running as we utilize node.js. We have switched over to PM2 that allows node to continue running even after apache restarts and server reboots which is typically where we would star to see our API fail.

  • IMDB Methods / More Stable

    published a year ago

    The API is now more stable. We have also added an IMDB ID respective call to all Movie and TV Show calls.

  • Error Messaging

    published a year ago

    We are working on better error capturing to resolve unnecessary fatal application errors. This will be completed by Monday April 25th.

  • Get Show By IMDB ID

    published a year ago

    We have now added the ability to get a show by IMDB ID. /v1/show/imdb/{id}

  • Get Movie By IMDB ID

    published 2 years ago

    We have now added the ability to get a movie by IMDB ID. /v1/movie/imdb/{id}