API Provider

Leverage Mashape to Empower your APIs


Distribute and Monetize your API

Mashape is the largest API marketplace and management network. Distribute your APIs to over 100,000 engaged developers from all over the world.

  • Beautiful API Documentation

    Quickly document your API to enable its easy adoption. We provide auto-generated code examples and embeddable documentation to accelerate consumption.

  • Auto-generated libraries & SDKs

    Developers can consume your endpoints in 8 languages. Leverage Unirest to auto generate code snippets.

  • API Reviews

    Gather the mood of your developer crowd. Be part of a constant feedback loop, discover use cases, and understand your market.

  • Follow Developers & Partners

    Understand your API’s entourage. Reach out to devs that follow you and stay engaged with the community.


Access Control

Power without control is dangerous. Use Mashape to keep track and set up custom permissions for devs to access your API.

  • Advanced API Doc Editor with Changelog

    Document endpoints, models, and errors with a simple click. Import other formats. Get notified and review each modification on the changelog wall.

  • Transformations

    Mashape keeps secrets safe. Pass headers and parameters to your endpoints without having your devs see them or add custom logic on top of your API.

  • Centralized Issues Ticket System

    Use Mashape to help your audience get the most out of the service. Provide support and communicate with your developers in real-time.



Turn consumer data into insights. View the number of developers, metrics, and revenue. Business Intelligence for your API.

  • API status

    Your API is your best product. See the health of your endpoints and track the usage for each developer.

  • Reporting / Alerting

    Produce mind blowing reports with ease. Always be informed if something happens to your API and communicate faster with your team.

  • API Traffic Log

    Analyse HTTP requests and response logs to easily debug issues and understand the data being sent between an API and a client application.


Public & Private Custom Pricing Plans

Set up complex public pricing plans or create a unique solution for specific customers in 5 minutes.

  • Flexible Billing

    Recurring billing with ease. Easily set up plans to charge per request or endpoint.

  • Auto Invoicing / Accounting

    Download invoices in a click. Bookkeeping made easy thanks to our standardized invoices.

  • Business Intelligence

    Understand and transform your APIs raw data into beautiful reports for your team.


Your developers are everywhere. We are too.

  • Cloud Security and On Premise Solution

    Utilizing the highest industry standards, all API calls pass through SSL 256 bit encryptions. ISO standards, plus support for OAuth 1, 2 and all major API security protocols.

  • Always Up

    99.9% uptime, designed for stability and scaling. We maintain redundancy infrastructure to prevent single points of failure. Additionally, we provide SLAs for large businesses.

  • Global Distributed Network for APIs

    Add your APIs to the most advanced globally distributed network. We achieve faster responses by leveraging compression, shorter roundtrips while caching near the end user.