API Consumer

Use APIs like a pro


Discover and consume 10,000+ APIs in seconds

Find the world’s largest collection of public and private APIs in one place; plus get intuitive consumer management and interactive documentation with a live test console.

  • Consume APIs Fast!

    Search, discover, and consume. With one API key, get your code up and running blazingly fast with all the API services that you need.

  • 8 SDKs for You

    Consume APIs in your favorite language with Unirest, our open source Universal Rest library. Languages include Curl, Java, Node, PHP, Python, Ruby, Objective C, and .NET.

  • Bookmark APIs and Follow Developers

    Favorite APIs for later use and rapidly find your weapons of choice. Also, you can follow a developer's updates and changelogs to their APIs.

  • Community Issues and Reviews

    Learn and be part of the community by opening issues, reviewing APIs, and chatting with other developers like you. Join the API revolution.



Optimized for speed! Transform the Request and Response to your application needs, filter unwanted data, and change from XML to JSON.

  • Self Imposed Throttling

    Never go over your subscription’s usage allowance. If you hit a plan’s upper limit we block your access to the API. No more overage fees.

  • Easy Authentication

    One API key to consume all APIs. We support Basic, Header, Parameterized and Query String, OAuth1 and OAuth 2 Authentications.

  • Issues and Messaging

    Open, manage and track API support issues, plus send private or public messages to API providers.

  • Access Control for Apps

    Switch fast from testing to production environments when consuming an API, plus invite team members to your apps.


Unified Analytics

View and analyze all of your important API metrics from one consolidated dashboard.

  • Monitoring

    Track number of calls, average uptime latency, client side and server side errors, and breakdown by endpoint.

  • Logs / Inspect Responses

    Always know if your API requests are successful and review their details with custom, real-time reporting.

  • Alerts

    You can REST easy knowing you will receive usage, quota, and error alerts via emails and push notifications.


Unified Invoicing

Manage and view all of your subscriptions from one billing panel.

  • Buy with 1 Click

    Easily buy an API subscription. Simply add a credit card and purchase with one click, from an API’s Pricing page.

  • Multiple Subscriptions

    Each application can have multiple API subscriptions. View your plans, prices, and subscription dates from the app overview.

  • Transaction History

    API subscriptions operate on a revolving net 30 basis or pay as you go. Check a plan’s subscription date, usage and download invoices for your records.


  • Security

    Feel secure with Mashape. Your personal information and credit card details are always encrypted with the latest technology.

  • Always Up

    99.9% uptime designed for stability and scaling. We maintain redundancy infrastructure to prevent single points of failure. SLA for large businesses.

  • API Network near YOU

    Global network with nodes from around the world. Always feel at home with lightning fast speed and low latency access to APIs.