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API Consumer

Discover, consume and monitor
internal and public APIs.

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API Provider

Add private or public APIs and
you'll be up in minutes.

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  • Start Consuming APIs in Seconds!

    Browse and consume multiple APIs. Select endpoints, grab code snippets and build an application in 10 seconds.

  • Distribute and Promote your API

    Easily document and promote your private or public API to thousands of developers - you can offer the API for free or monetize it.

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  • Easy API Transformations

    Manipulate API traffic. Leverage the power of Mashape to filter and modify responses, and add hidden headers and parameters.

  • Access Control

    Manage access to your API, enable team collaboration, create custom quotas, and offer keys to select developers.


  • Monitor Applications

    From a single dashboard you can monitor the number of calls, avg uptime, latency, errors, and logs for multiple APIs.

  • API Analytics & Alerts

    Drill down, analyze, generate reports, and run business intelligence from a single aggregated view. Receive real-time alerts.

Billing & Monetization

  • Quota & Invoice Management

    Track consumed APIs, billing cycles, invoices, and manage your payment options from one location.

  • Public & Custom Pricing Plans

    Offer your API for free or monetize it with our simple billing tool. Create public subscriptions or private custom plans.


  • Security & On Premise

    Utilizing the highest industry standards, all API calls pass through SSL 256 bit encryption. ISO standards are supported, plus OAuth 1, 2 and all major API security protocols.

  • Always Up

    99.9% uptime designed for stability and scaling. We maintain redundancy infrastructure to prevent single points of failure. SLAs and On Premise for large businesses.

  • Global Distributed Network

    Built the most advanced globally distributed smart network for APIs. Faster responses by leveraging compression, shorter roundtrips while caching near the end user.