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Simplified and Traditional Chinese sentiment analysis API. 免费试用简体中文和繁体中文情感分析API

  • New subscription plan at $10

    published a year ago


    We changed our subscription plan Basic to allow for 15000 texts a month for just $10 instead of 500 / day. We are really happy to unleash you to integrate the Chinese sentiment API into your applications for really affordable prices -- this is our commitment across all APIs we develop: https://market.mashape.com/dmitrykey.

    We also have other features in the pipeline, that should increase the appeal of FuxiAPI: named entities extraction (things like people names, cities, companies etc) and keyword detection. These should help you better track the particular hot entities your media channels talk about.

    Feel free to reach out here or sales@semanticanalyzer.info for any questions.

    Insider team

  • New API launched

    published a year ago

    Hello! We are happy to announce launch of new API called ConnectedWords. Try it out and read more here: https://market.mashape.com/dmitrykey/connectedwords/announcements#ann-1

    Insider team

  • Normalized sentiment strength (release 1.5.2)

    published a year ago

    We are pleased to announce the release 1.5.2 of Fuxi API for Chinese sentiment analysis. In this release we have bounded the sentiment strength (previously unbounded integer value) into a range [-1, 0, 1]. The value is a floating number and is normalized.

    Hope you enjoy using the API & let us know any feedback / suggestions you might have!

    Insider team

  • Sentiment strength (release 1.5)

    published a year ago


    We are pleased to announce the 1.5 release of the Fuxi API for Chinese sentiment analysis. Per one of our user's request we have exposed sentimentStrength parameter in the output JSON. The parameter is an integer value and can be either negative or positive, matching the sentimentTag value.

    Insider Solutions team

  • Release 1.4

    published 2 years ago


    We are pleased to announce the 1.4 release of the Chinese sentiment analysis Fuxi API. In this release we improved the detection quality a lot. Feel free to send us your feedback. Remember, that on-premise installations are also possible and the API is very lightweight in terms of memory and CPU consumption.

    With excitement, Insider team

  • https://FuxiAPI

    published 2 years ago

    Quick message from the Insider team. We have moved the Fuxi API to SSL. This means, that not only the communication from your systems to mashape is secure, but also the communication from mashape onward to our servers running Fuxi API is secure.

    There is no action required from your part to continue using the API.

    Thank you! Insider team

  • Fuxi back up and running

    published 2 years ago

    If you were wondering, where is Fuxi sentiment analysis API for Chinese: it is back up and running. Enjoy and stay tuned for upcoming releases.

    Insider Team

  • Release 1.0

    published 2 years ago

    Fuxi API is a REST JSON API for analyzing texts in Chinese for sentiment. Both Simplified and Traditional Chinese are supported.



    We also support on-premise installations: http://semanticanalyzer.info/blog/chinese-sentiment-analysis-fuxi-api/