Private API

The ConnectedWords API accepts lists of keywords for which you get similar -- semantically or distributionally -- connected words. This helps you expand you initial set of words. It can be helpful in making your search return better results or automatically suggest tags for your content.

  • ConnectedWords API: how and when to use

    published a year ago

    Hello and Happy New Year!

    New Year – New API. We have launched new API called ConnectedWords. We have trained a neural network using word2vec approach on a number of English texts. As input you can supply an array of keywords for which you’d like to get another list of connected or related words.

    Available end-points:

    Health /health GET Checks health of the API.

    English /similarwords POST Send in a list of keywords and get back semantically or otherwise connected words

    Here is an example:

    For word “launch” the API produces the following connected words:

    [ “launched 0.5948931514907372”, “ariane 0.5640206606244647”, “icbm 0.532163213444619”, “canaveral 0.5222400316699805”, “rocket 0.5168188279637889”, “launcher 0.5066764146199603”, “suborbital 0.4987842348018603”, “landing 0.49743730683360354”, “expendable 0.49456818497947097”, “agena 0.49325088465809586”, “orbiter 0.4930563861239534”, “shuttle 0.48127536803463045”, “unmanned 0.47977178154360445”, “launches 0.47013505662020805”, “sputnik 0.4690193780888272”, “bomarc 0.46608954818339043”, “mission 0.4622460565342408”, “redstone 0.4509777243147255”, “gliders 0.4493604525398496”, “missile 0.4388378398880377”, “abort 0.4322835796211848”, “rockets 0.4255249811253634”, “lgm 0.42401975940492775”, “launching 0.42055305756491634”, “spacecraft 0.42044358977136653”, “warhead 0.4203600640856848”, “manned 0.4196165464952628”, “skylab 0.417352627778655”, “spaceflight 0.41261142646271765”, “payloads 0.41167406251520333”, “operational 0.41030200304930986”, “refueling 0.41015588246409607”, “orbit 0.4054650313323691”, “extravehicular 0.4040691414909361”, “icbms 0.4037563327101452”, “hotol 0.4027989227897706”, “sts 0.400049473907643”, “saturn 0.399919637824496”, “payload 0.398525218766963”, “bm 0.3965859062493564” ]

    How can one use the API?

    1. Making your search engine smarter: expand the result set to documents containing related words. This helps you solve the issue of zero hit searches.

    2. Spice up your writing. Are you a journalist / blogger / student and would like to add a flavour to your text? Send in a few words and get a set of words, that might help make your texts more interesting and engaging.

    In the future we would like to add support for other languages and train on different types of texts, like social media, news, blogs etc. If you have more ideas for how to make the system more useful for your needs, get in touch!