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Sentiment analysis, stemming and lemmatization, part-of-speech tagging and chunking, phrase extraction and named entity recognition.
ML Analyzer
Text Classification, Article Summarization, Sentiment Analysis, Stock symbol extraction, Person Names Extractor, Language Detection, Locations Extractor, Adult content Analyzer.
Text Processing
The WebKnox text processing API lets you process (natural) language texts. You can detect the text's language, the quality of ...
API is designed to turn any text into constituent terms (meaningful expressions), entities (names of people, place and things), and ...
Fluxifi NLP
Cloud based Natural Language Processing API. Includes Sentiment and Language Detection.
Sentiment Analysis Spanish
Sentiment analysis for Spanish language of any given tweet.
Provides advanced cloud-based and on-premise text analysis infrastructure that eliminates the expense and difficulty of integrating natural language processing systems ...
Text processing framework to analyse Natural Language. It is especially focused on text classification and sentiment analysis of online news ...
Yactraq is a cloud service that converts audiovisual content into topic metadata via speech recognition & natural language processing. Customers ...
Bitext Sentiment Analysis
The purpose of this service is to extract opinions from text. An opinion represents the subject an author is writing ...
Sentiment Analysis
Multilingual sentiment analysis of texts from different sources (blogs, social networks). Besides polarity at sentence and global level, 1.1 uses ...
This tool works by examining individual words and short sequences of words (n-grams) and comparing them with a probability model. ...
Starget sentiment analysis
This is a short text (a twitt or a single sentence) sentiment classification API. It has two types of analysis: ...
Free Natural Language Processing Service
100% free service including sentiment analysis, content extraction, and language detection. Enjoy!

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