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Name Toolkit API
Name Toolkit is a domain name suggestion, registration and whois info provider. Our focus is on speed, simplicity and honesty.
Proxies API
The WebKnox proxies API lets you retrieve public proxies. We try to keep a list of fresh, unblocked, high responsive, ...
IP Utils API
A simple component helping with IP functionalities
Ping-uin API
Ping an IP or URL
Resolve DNS addresses into IP addresses and vice versa
Whois API
This API takes a URL or domain as input and return back whois data.
This API takes a URL or domain as input and returns back DNS data
Domainr API
Worldwide domain search.
Reverse Whois API
Reverse Whois (Registrant Search) lets you perform the most comprehensive wild card search on all whois records. Whether you know ...
whois API
Provides consistent, well-structured whois data in XML & JSON.
IP Address Geolocation API
This API returns the location of an IP address (country, region, city, zipcode, latitude and longitude) and the associated timezone ...
Is it up API
Allows you to check if a given website is up or down with various useful data.
Where is it Up API
Our API exposes site monitoring tools in 89 cities across 47 different countries on 6 continents. Through our global network ...
httpbl API
REST API to check an IP address status via Project Honey Pot http:BL service.
Get IP Info API
This is an API to get the Longitude and Latitude Information on the basis of an IP.
Lookup geographical location data like country code, state and city by IPv4 or IPv6 address.
Public Proxies API
The most reliable public proxy servers list. Thousands of http and socks proxies tested daily.
IP Address Geolocation API
IP Address Geolocation Service to Identify the Continent, Country Code, Country Name, Region (State, County, Province, Region, Territory, District, etc), ...
Fluxifi API
Miscellaneous tools for getting page rank, page speed, validating domains & emails API is a free IP information web service providing geolocation, hostname, organization and other data types. The API returns ...

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