ESA Semantic Relatedness

Private API

Calculates the semantic relatedness/similarity between pairs of text excerpts based on the likeness of their meaning or semantic content.

  • End of Service

    published a year ago

    Dear Developers,

    We are shutting down the service soon. Please, get in touch for further information and possible alternatives.

    Amtera Team,

  • Maintenance window for ESA Semantic Relatedness - Errata

    published 2 years ago

    Dear Developers,

    updating last announcement with the correct timezone: August 3rd 10 p.m. - August 4th 4 a.m. CDT.

    Regards, Amtera Team

  • Maintenance window for ESA Semantic Relatedness

    published 2 years ago

    Dear Developers,

    the datacenter providing the ESA Semantic Relatedness Service will be performing maintenance between August 3rd 10 pm and August 4th 4 am CDT. We apologize the interruption.

    Amtera Team

  • Issue using Mashape's Web Interface Solved

    published 3 years ago

    Hi All,

    I'd like to invite all users that had problems in the past testing our endpoint through Mashape's Web Console to try again. We just solved the problem.

    Thanks, Amtera Semantic Technologies

  • Plans updated

    published 3 years ago

    Dear Users,

    We just updated our plans. Check it out. For further assistance, custom plans or SLA visit us at

    Regards, Amtera Semantic Technologies