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UK Postal Code(ex. ZE1 0AE), Sector, District, Boundaries API: A simple & very fast API that will allow you to integrate multiple GeoJson UK Unit and sector level boundaries result into your apps and systems. This API is designed to be used programatically for optimal performance. When using the MashApe UI for queries expect significant latency issues on large result sets!

  • New Release of UK Boundaries!

    published a year ago

    You are now able to obtain the postal unit level boundary when executing a simple UK postalCode.

    /rest/v1/public/boundary/uk?postal-unit=ZE1 0AE

    Try us out! please send feedback to

  • Always check headers so you won't incur overage fees!

    published 2 years ago

    IMPORTANT: We do not block requests that go over there usage amount!

    In the response header(s) after you make a call you can inspect how many request you have left under your plan by obtaining the value from "X-Ratelimit-Requests-Remaining:" example: X-Ratelimit-Requests-Limit: 100 X-Ratelimit-Requests-Remaining: 94

    Also, If you start to go over your allowed requests. You should receive an email from mashape like below:

    "Your business must be doing well! At this time you have consumed all of the allocated API calls under your ULTRA subscription to the API. If you continue to make calls this month, you will incur overage fees. We strongly recommend that you upgrade to a pricing plan with a higher quota."

  • Google Data layers

    published 3 years ago

    This is a good overview on how to integrate uk.boundaries-io with Google Data layers:

  • Would love to hear from you!

    published 3 years ago

    We are in the process of building a company website and would love to included some great testimonial and use-cases our API is solving for our clients. If you would like to be included in this please drop us a line with an 'logo' from your company!

    Please email us if you have any feature requests.

    Thanks for using boundaries-io and uk.boundaries-io;

  • Performance using unirest-x libraries.

    published 3 years ago

    If you are building client applications for performance do NOT use the current unirest-java library. We recommend to simply use the Apache HTTPClient 4.3.x library instead. We discovered significant performance degrade using this unirest-java library.

  • We have a quora page stop by and follow!

    published 3 years ago
  • 1.0 Released.

    published 3 years ago

    [Features] -Significantly increased performance of the API

    [Bugs Fixes] -No Bugs reported. -If you experience any bugs please report in API Support. Thanks!

    Want a feature? email us

    Thanks for your support!