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Storyzy_NewsData API (by Trooclick) creates structured data from the text of news articles using NLP technology. The data delivered includes automatically extracted quotes (uniquely capable of extracting BOTH direct and indirect quoted speech with anaphora resolution), speakers, speaker pictures (when available), story headlines, story summaries, companies involved, company logos (when available), all related article URLs, duplicate article detection, and more. This JSON API is RESTful, and more information is available by contacting Storyzy at

  • To all our NewsData API Hackers,

    published a year ago

    Thank you to all of our users, new and old. The Storyzy team is happy to call your attention to the recent updates to the API. You may have noticed that we simplified the API infrastructure, replacing a dozen endpoints with five. If you didn't, you should check it out! The new API was designed to make your life, and hacking, easier!

    Feel free to let us know what you think:

    -The Storyzy Team

  • Hi NewsData API Hackers!

    published 2 years ago

    Welcome to our new users - and thank you to everyone who is using an testing the NewsData API!

    Just a couple of things to note...

    1. If you want or need more free testing priviledges JUST ASK! :) We will be happy to oblige.
    2. One of our endpoints (/lastTwentyFourHoursStories) is EXPENSIVE - each call is 200 units! This endpoint delivers a large amount of data and is intended to be used on a custom plan. If this endpoint is of interest to you please just reach out to us... we don't bite!


    Happy hacking!

  • We're here for you! :)

    published 2 years ago

    Thanks to all of you consuming the Trooclick NewsData API!

    We are always here for you... to listen to feedback or to help you figure out how to build something great using our API.

    Don't hesitate to reach out to us!

    Have a great day!

    -The Trooclick team

  • We've updated the NewsData API functionalities AND pricing!

    published 2 years ago

    Hello Mashapers,

    You may have noticed in the past weeks that things have been changing... we've added some new calls and we've revamped our pricing policies!

    For those interested in using our engine to generate structured news data (from anglophone sources) - you can note that we've added two new POST methods. In addition to JSON formatted text, you can also post binary files and URLs!

    Our pricing changes reflect that the primary use of our API is the engine - we've devised a pricing policy that allows for a very low cost per article/document treated. We hope that this pricing will enable clients to arrive at a degree of usage that fits their budget, but of course if your needs demand a pricing model that differs from our standard offer, we would be happy to work with you to find a solution!

    You can contact Darcee Meilbeck at for more information - on anything from pricing to support.

    Happy new year to all - and happy hacking!

    -The Trooclick Team

  • We want to hear from you!

    published 2 years ago

    Thanks to all of you who have tested - or are testing - the NewsData API. We appreciate you and your feedback. If you have have any suggestions or comments about how we can make the API better; or if you'd be willing to tell us a bit more about you and why you're using the API - we'd love to hear all about it!

    Contact us at:

  • Trooclick NewsData API Demo video now available!

    published 2 years ago

    You can check it out here:

    For questions feel free to contact: