Natural Language Processing - Understanding - Personality Analysis - Tone - Intent

Private API

This API provides text analysis for Tone, Sentiment, Summarization, Personality Analysis, and more. This API can be used for: Part of Speech Tagging Named Entity Recognition Sentence Disambiguation KeyWord Extraction Summarization and Sentence Significance Sentiment Analysis Alliteration Detection Word Sense Disambiguation Clustering Logistic Regression Scoring Prominence Tagging for Latent Semantic Indexing Tagging for Singular Value Decomposition Phonetic Decomposition Reading Difficulty Modeling Technical Difficulty Modeling Spelling Correction String Comparison and Plagiarism Detection Author Profiling Psychographic Modeling Fact and Statistic Extraction Ism Extraction Character Language Modeling It is also useful in the creation of ChatBots, SearchEngines, and KnolExtraction for Automated Documentation.