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The Slapbots provides fun, short text-based one-liners. It includes Slap Jokes, Hairline Jokes, Tongue Twisters, “I Appreciate you like…” phrases and “I ♥ you more than…” phrases. All One-liners that anyone can use and modify as their own. The Slap Jokes, Hairline Jokes, Tongue Twisters are all hella funny, but the “Appreciation Phrases” and “Love Phrases” are really sweet and will make the heart melt. Slapbots provide unique and original content written by professional British and English comedians and writers. This API offers wide-variety of amusing and engaging material. We hope slapbots can enhance apps everywhere by delivering irresistible entertain and delight.

  • The Slap Heard Across The Internet: Hilarious New API Menaces With A Laugh

    published 9 months ago

    NANUET, NY– Today, Conflict Games announced the release of a new API, Slapbot. With content created by American and British comedians, Slapbot generates uproarious and engaging jokes, phrases, and one-liners with corresponding gifs focused on slap-centric insults.

    As well as threatening friends and family with a jovial slap, the new REST API will also deliver jokes about bad hairlines, tongue-twisters, and – for the less insult-inclined – phrases of appreciation and love that are kind and endearing.

    The API is offered through Provisional access starts at $5/month for developers and companies looking to integrate it into their artificial intelligence (A.I.), apps, or chatbots.

    “The funniest content you will ever work with,” said one Slapbot user, “It will make your friends laugh out loud!” When asked for comment, the Slapbot responded, “I’ll slap you so hard the tide will come in.” It refused to elaborate.

    But that’s not all. As well as providing endless amusement, Slapbot offers a feature-rich toolset built for youth engagement. Here are a few more important benefits and features of Slapbot:

    • Every phrase is given a movie-style rating, ranked from G- to R-rated, so users can filter to ensure that the content they’re delivering is audience-appropriate. • Slapbot has an ever-growing library with new content provided monthly at no additional cost. 100 new phrases will be delivered into its already robust database by mid-March. • Designed by developers, the Slapbot follows the industry standard of REST API’s principles, providing its responses quickly in JSON, XML, and JSONP formats. • Developers will also appreciate the concentrated effort that’s been put into clear and comprehensive documentation. • The Slapbot API can effortlessly add engaging humor to apps, chatbots, A.I, forums, and beyond, increasing engagement, especially among younger demographics.

    Said Mark Scott, co-founder of Conflict Games, “I believe we all have in common the desire to be funny, to be sweet and appreciative, but we don’t always have the right words. Slapbot’s content can be applied in so many ways to help solve that problem; I can’t wait to see how developers use it.”

    Looking for fun and entertaining new ways to say thank you, I love you, or you’re balding? Just searching for that comeback that never seems to come to mind until a little too late? Slapbot is ready to fulfill all your tongue-tripping needs.

    About Conflict Games LLC is a New York-based company dedicated to producing delightful content for storytellers, gamers, and writers. With a specialty in tabletop roleplaying games, supplements, battle maps, and game accessories, Conflict Games LLC has a reputation for both quality and innovation.


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